Esti Hydropower Plant

Project Information: Conveyance tunnel of 4,500 m in length. Demolished due to building defects and land swelling. Work consists of the design and build of definitive repairs, covering, plating and new access points to the tunnel to allow the Esti plant to start operations. No swelling has been detected – seems to be due to […]

Toquepala Mine

Project Information: Primary crusher and conveyor belt transportation tunnel. Length of 2 km. Tunnel section 35.08 m² with width extensions every 200 m. The mine area is at 3,600 m above sea level, resulting in snowed areas. The mine deposit at Toquepala contains copper and molybdenum. Rocks with predominant RMR (Rock Mass Rating) of between […]

Esperanza Mine

Project Information: The work involves the execution of the project and the excavation and support of a 71 m mine tunnel under a coarse ore stockpile.