Privacy Policy

Data Controller:
The entity controlling the collection, processing and use of personal data for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation is:

Obras Subterráneas, S.A.
Calle Isla Graciosa, 1 Planta 2 Puerta 4
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes

Purpose of the processing and the storage period:
Contact: Answering questions sent to the company and assisting information requests on the products and services we offer.
Data shall be stored whenever users do not express their wish to cancel them.
Work: Carrying out internal staff selection processes, either now or in the future.
Data shall be stored whenever the candidate does not express a wish to cancel such data. The maximum term for the storage of CV-related information by our company shall be one year.

Entitlement to process data:
Contact / Work: Authorisation by the user / candidate.

Recipients of your data:
Assignee(s): There are no assignments of data to third parties.

Exercising rights:
Access, rectification, objection, erasure, automated decision-making, restriction.
Send an email to, furnishing documents proving the identity of the requester (a copy of the front side of the National Identity Card, or an equivalent document). In any case, you can ask for the protection of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, using its website.

Response term:
1 month.