OSSA launches the Twelve Summits Project, which is part of a set of corporate leadership activities in occupational risk prevention that OSSA develops and implements in its projects to generate healthy and safe work environments.

This project seeks to convey to the entire organization that health and safety is something we all do, and that it must be present in all areas and processes of the organization. Seeks to create habits, behaviors and good safety and health practices to prevent accidents and build a solid preventive culture among workers.

Through these short videos, OSSA directors, delegates and department heads seek to convey – in their own words – a relevant aspect of safety and how they apply it in their daily work. Each of the topics should serve as a guide and aid for OSSA workers in carrying out their activities.

Safety depends on each and every one of us, with our behavior we can generate healthy work environments. Working well means working safely.

The 12 Summits Project capsules, published here every week.

Work well, work safely
Clear rules
Exemplary leaders
Reportability and learning
In safety, I’m ahead of the game
The PPE’s, I use them
Chemical productos: Do not mix
Watch your posture or it will take its toll
The safety wheel, four simple steps
Time management in safety
Don’t stress me

Prevention is better than cure
Look before you act
Right to say NO
Isolation and blocking
Segregation and areas isolation
Correct the mistakes
Five minutes
Exposure to occupational noise
Emergency response