Waterproofing Mondragón-Elorrio Section


Project Information: Tunnel: Consists of installing sheets that cover the entire upper section of the tunnel and part of the side walls as far down as the drainage tube for collecting water entering by seepage. A double coating is used: first a porous geotextile sheet is placed in direct contact with the support and a PVC sheet is then installed on top, anchored and sealed to the fastening elements that hold the entire installation. False Tunnels: Consists of priming using bituminous paint and the subsequent application of a sheet made up of one nodular, high density polyethylene layer and another geotextile layer. Once installed, the joints are sealed. Viaduct Panels: Consists of the application of a bituminous emulsion based primer and elastomeric heat-sealable sheet self-protected with slate.

País: Spain
Provincia: Mondragón
Municipio: Guipuzcoa


  • Cross section: —
  • Lenght: Tunnel: 3.185 m / False Tunnels: 54 m

Método Constructivo:

Using Trolley-Tubular Scaffolding

Geología y Geotecnia:

Maquinaria Empleada:

  • Trolley-Tubular Scaffolding
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Simple Tubular Scaffold