Waterproofing Bouzas Tunnel; Miamán-Ponte Ambía


Project Information: The work consists of installing two layers of material (Geotextile + PVC) that will act as a physical barrier between the natural terrain and the structure in order to prevent water leakage and ensure correct sealing, thus avoiding the negative effects resulting from water accessing the structure. These sheets are installed using a tubular gantry, from which successive layers are fixed to the shotcrete The length of the tunnel is 4,595 m with a trunk section of 4.10 m. x 4,50 m. Work will also be carried out on a 155 m long Pressure Tunnel with a section of 3.70 m. x 4.10 m and a pressure chimney with a depth of 110 m and a diameter of 4.90 m.

País: Spain
Provincia: Orense
Municipio: Xunqueira de Ambía


  • Cross section: —
  • Lenght: 680 m

Método Constructivo:

Using Trolley-Tubular Scaffolding

Geología y Geotecnia:

Maquinaria Empleada:

  • Trolley-Tubular Scaffolding
  • Telescopic Handler