Santiago de Chile Metro. Line 3, Sections B and C


Project Information: Construction of 2,223 m long tunnel, with a cross section between 64 to 75 m2, linking an underground station 120 m long and 172 m2 in section, called Lo Cruzat, with another open-cut station of the same length, called Plaza Qulicura. For the excavation of the tunnel, three circular attack pits of 15 m diameter and about 20 m depth are used. For the excavation of the Plaza Quilicura station, 154 piles D. 1,200 mm, 17 to 24 m deep, are executed. The walls of the excavation are supported by walls between mesh piles and shotcrete with cable anchors of different lengths.

País: Chile
Provincia: Metropolitan Region
Municipio: Santiago
Montera: Between 7 and 14 m


  • Cross section: Tunnel between 64 y 75 m2; Station: 172 m2
  • Length: Tunnel: 2,223 m; Underground station: 120 m

Método Constructivo:

  • NATM for the underground works. Excavation between micropile walls D. 1,200 mm for the open cut station

Geología y Geotecnia:

Santiago gravels from the first and second deposits of the Mapocho River

Maquinaria Empleada:

  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Telehandlers
  • Shotcrete machines