New Llamaquique Local Railway Station


Project Information: Construction of New Railway Station of Llamaquique, two 85 m length platforms and auxiliar facilities included.

The station is builded under reinforced concrete slab between diaphragm walls with hidarulic clamshell until 17 m depth.

Reinforcement works to Fresno tunnel of 99 m long and 60 m² cross section. L = 1 m. and wire mesh.

País: Spain
Provincia: Asturias
Municipio: Oviedo
Montera: Máx. 20m


  • Cross section: Variable
  • Length: 19m

Método Constructivo:

  • Mechanical excavation

Geología y Geotecnia:

  • Conglomerates, clays, marls and sandstones

Maquinaria Empleada:

  • Hidrofresa