New R&D project “UES 365”.


OSSA participates in the R&D project “UES 365”, focused on research to lay the technological foundations for new competitive subway stationary energy storage systems associated with renewable energy sources, using compressed air, biogas and green hydrogen as vectors to balance and maintain the Spanish electricity system in an environmentally sustainable way, avoiding the generation of pollutants.

This project is part of the Sectorial Strategic Initiatives for Business Innovation (“Misiones CDTI” Program), is supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and is subsidized by the CDTI Innovacion within the framework of the State Subprogram for Business R&D of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation.

In addition to OSSA, several institutions are participating in this initiative, such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, CIEMAT or the Santa Barbara Foundation, and private companies such as NTT or Gas Natural.