Beginning of the excavation of the Anglès tunnel (Spain).


At the end of last December, excavation and support works began on the tunnel of the “General Improvement” project. Condicionament. Brugent – Ter corridor. Variant of Anglès. From the C-63 road, PK 38+000, to the N-141e road, PK 101+150. Tram: Anglès”, executed by the joint venture formed by OSSA, CRC and Rubau Tarrés. The objective of the works is the construction of a new route to join the C-63 and N-141e roads. The section corresponds to the C-63 road, which is located in the municipality of Anglès (Girona). The new projected section of the N-141e road links the municipalities of Anglès (Selva) and Bescanó (Gironès). A total of 3.08 km of trunk is defined, including the construction of a single biderectional tunnel with two lanes, one in each direction and a length of 486 meters.