Tunnels for Acapulco West Bypass

Project Information: The work consists of executing three road tunnels. The tunnels to be constructed are: Agustín Lara Tunnel (80 m), Costa Grande Tunnel (90 m) and María Bonita Tunnel (480 m). All three tunnels have an excavation cross-section of 191.3 m2. The excavation will be carried out by drill and blast in the areas of intact rock and by mechanical equipment in the areas where the quality of the ground is poor, following the construction philosophy of the New Austrian Method.

Country: México

Province: State of Guerrero

Place: Acapulco de Juáreza


  • Cross section: 190 m2
  • Length: 650 m.

Overburden: Medium

Method of Tunneling:

  • NATM. Conventional methods

Geology and Geotechnical Data: Muscovite gneiss

Tunnel Equipment:

  • Model L2C and XL3C 2- and 3-boom jumbos
  • Model PM-500 shotcrete robot
  • Telehandler