Urnieta Tunnel

Project Information: The work involves constructing the Urnieta rail tunnel in the Urnieta-Hernani section of the Basque Country new rail network project. The tunnel is 2,587 m long and has a open cross-section of 85 m2, the excavation method is the New Austrian Method and the construction procedure will be of a conventional type using blast. Two galleries measuring 642.9 m and 417 m with an open cross-section of 41.5 m2 were also constructed. The support elements used in the tunnel and the galleries will be shotcrete, rock bolts and type TH and HEB trusses.

Country: Spain

Province: Guipúzcoa

Place: Urnieta


  • Cross section: 85m2
  • Length: 2,157 m

Overburden: High

Method of Tunneling:

  • NATM (Top-Heading and Bench). Drill and blast.
  • Mechanical excavation

Geology and Geotechnical Data: Limestones, marls and sandstones

Tunnel Equipment:

  • Model XL3C 3 boom jumbo
  • Model PM-500 shotcrete robot
  • Manitou MRT 1650
  • Backhoe with pneumatic pick