Santiago de Chile Subway. Construction of Shafts and Galleries. Section 3 North. Line 3.

Project description

Project Information: The work consists of constructing section 3 North of the new Line 3 of the Santiago Subway. There is one station in the section, named Hospitales, being attacked from a circular shaft 25 metres in diameter, which is already constructed. There is also a construction shaft named Inglaterra, already constructed, which will provide access to the tunnel between stations during the works. At both ends of the station a ventilation tunnel approximately 30 m in length will be executed, communicating with a ventilation shaft 5 m in diameter, which, in turn, connects with the outside, with a mean length of 25 m. The main work units to be executed are: Hospitales Station, 120 m long with a cross-section of 150 m2; 75 m of ventilation tunnel with a cross-section of 75 m2, 437.1 m of tunnel between stations with a mean cross-section 65 m2, and 2 ventiliation shafts with a diameter of 5 m and a total length of 60 m.

Country: Chile

Province: Metropolitan Region

Place: Santiago


  • Cross section: Tunnel between stations: 65 m2 / Station: 150 m2
  • Lenght: Tunnel between stations: 437 m / Station: 120 m

Overburden: Medium

Method of Tunneling:

  • Conventional methods for the excavation and supports according to NATM.

Geology and Geotechnical Data: Silts and gravels.

Tunnel Equipment:

  • Model L2C 2 boom jumbo
  • Model PM-500 shotcrete robot
  • Manitou MRT 1650
  • Caterpillar model CAT 312/315 excavator
  • Caterpillar model CAT 950 and 924 loader