Construction of Underground Works for New Transfer System. Andean Division

Project Information: The Project is being carried out inside the facilities of the Andean Division (DAND) of CODELCO (Chile), located in the
high and central part of the Andes mountain range, in the 5th (Valparaíso) Region, 50 km northeast of Santiago,
currently working the Río Blanco (copper) mining deposits. The scope of this contract involves construction of the
underground works for the Transfer Project, the object of which is to ensure (and even increase) production at the mine
until 2022.
The works to be carried out mainly comprise the following:
• Excavation and reinforcement by drill and blast of:
• Haulage Tunnel III (4,833 m) which connects Sector 3,500 with the Cordillera Plant Sector
• Tunnels, access and ventilation galleries, caverns and shafts (using raise boring) in Sector 3,500 and in the Cordillera Plant Sector
• Draw points for fire protection and pedestrian shelters
• Contruction of:
• Construction window portals
• Paving of Haulage Tunnel III
• Installation of the geomechanical monitoring system

Country: Chile

Province: Región de Valparaíso

Place: Saladillo / Comuna de Los Andes


  • Cross section: Haulage tunnel 3: 42 m2 (7.5×6), the rest ranging from 4×4 galleries to 15×16 m2 caverns. Raise borings with ND of 2 and 3 m
  • Length: 11,133 m of galleries and caverns (including 4,833 in Haulage tunnel 3) + 260 m of Raise Boring

Overburden: Medium

Method of Tunneling:

  • NATM. Drill and blast and mechanical equipment

Geology and Geotechnical Data:

  • Río Blanco granodiorite, rhyolitic pipe and andesites

Tunnel Equipment:

  • Two and three boom jumbo
  • Drill rig
  • Loader
  • Shotcrete robot
  • Telehandler
  • Raise boring equipment