El Torito Hydro Power Plant

Project Information: El Torito plant belongs to GNF (Gas Natural Fenosa). It is a non-reversible, 50 MW Hydroelectric plant with a 3.5 Km
tunnel with a 50 m2 gauge to build with EPB borers (Earth Pressure Balance Machine) of 7.8 m in diameter and a 360 m
long tunnel branch line with 48 m2 gauge to be executed with conventional methods (Drill&Blast).

Country: Costa Rica

Province: Cartago

Place: Cantón de Turrialba


  • Sección: Circular tunnel with 7.8 m diameter EPB
  • Longitud: 3,500 m length and 360 m branch line

Overburden: Moderate

Method of Tunneling:

  • Excavation with 7.8m diameter EPB tunnel boring machine
  • Voussoir covering (6 voussoirs + 1 key per ring)

Geology and Geotechnical Data:

  • Sandstone, shale, calcarenite and lahars

Tunnel Equipment:

  • EPB LOVAT 306 SE
  • Atlas Jumbos XE3C
  • PM 500 Robots
  • CAT 320 and CAT 220 excavators