4 December 2015
1.000.000 labour hours with no incapacitating accidents Chuquicamata.
OBRAS SUBTERRÁNEAS S.A. is very proud to have achieved two important milestones on the matter of workplace hazard prevention: ONE YEAR WITH NO ACCIDENTS WITH TIME OFF WORK and ONE MILLION LABOUR HOURS WITH NO INCAPACITATING ACCIDENTS.

These milestones have been achieved on the CHUQUICAMATA SUBTERRÁNEA PROJECT, which is undertaken through the ACCIONA-OSSA, S.A. JOINT VENTURE of which OBRAS SUBTERRÁNEAS S.A. forms a part of together with ACCIONA S.A.

The project involves the construction of two parallel tunnels for injecting air for the future Chuquicamata Mine. The tunnels are approximately 4,320 m long with a 10.74 x 8 m² section, with top gradients of over 14%. Both tunnels are connected via three 27 m connection galleries each with a 7.65 x 5.60 m² section.

OBRAS SUBTERRÁNEAS makes significant investments into hazard prevention because the company is convinced that it essential for minimising the maximum number of accidents, which is the objective of its current PROJECT ZERO-100 (zero accidents – 100% control); such an achievement bringing the company increasingly closer to its target.

The company wishes to congratulate all those involved in this achievement and invites you to join in the celebrations being held.

Please find the communication received from this project attached.

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