February 2012
Awarded CODELCO bid in Chuquicamata, Chile.
OSSA expands yet further into South America thanks to winning the CODELCO bid to build 2 air injection tunnels in Chuquicamata, one of the world’s largest copper mines.

The objective of the Underground Chuquicamata Mine Project (UCHMP) is to increase exploitationof the largest mine in the world, until the year 2060.

This change in the mine exploitation system, from open-air to underground, implies the design and construction of an underground mine which can sustain current productivity.

OSSA, together with their partner Acciona, will build more than 9km of tunnel and 3 connecting passages, a vital part in carrying out the mega-project that is UCHMP.

The budget for this project is approximately 78 million dollars.

With this contract, OSSA strengthens their presence in South America yet further and continues their collaboration in Chile with CODELCO, one of the world’s largest copper producers.
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