Projects being executed Projects completed
Projects completed:
ADITIVOS Project: Development of new additives for shotcrete based on sepiolite.
DEXPO Project: Debris removal in wells.
VENSEC+ Project: The development and practical validation of a new version of the vensec software for designing secondary ventilation.
GUNITADO Project: Automatic minimization of the shotcrete rebound effect through humid pathway in tunnels and mining works.
CIUDAD MULTIDIMENSIONAL Project: A strategic project executed by a consortium of companies and public organizations, in which OSSA participated in the development and control of new integrated construction processes.
PLATFORM Project: Designing, constructing, testing and implementing a new platform overhanging the central part to avoid stress on the concrete slab central area during the concreting process.
PROIM Project: Design and development of a new waterproofing process for tunnels in subterranean works.
Project: New construction systems in subterranean works.
Project: Design, manufacturing and onsite deployment of dry wall chaser/crosscutter.
CERCHAS Project: Design and development of a prototype tool for placing support trusses in subterranean works using a backhoe.
GALERÍAS Project: Development and integration of a product-process for placing concrete in inaccessible areas.
RAIBOR Project: Design, development, testing and validation of a new safe construction system based on the raise-boring technique.
EXCHOR Project: New excavation and coating techniques in unique tunnels and excavations.
McGIT Project: Monitorization, control and comprehensive tunnel management.
Project TUNEST: Design and development of a completely watertight tunnel section in highly hydrostatic areas.
SISCAREN Project: Design, development, on-site testing and validation of a new process for formwork assembly for hydraulic tunnel linings.
DYNACAR Project: Techniques for dynamic infrastructures design.
ENSAIM Project: New waterproofing tests for subterranean works.
FISURA Project: Analysis, design and on-site testing of new preventive and predictive systems for identifying cracks in false tunnels.
Project: Development of new construction solutions for fast and safe execution of false tunnels.
ANCLAJES Project: Design, development, on-site testing and validation of a new technical solution for affixing vaults in subterranean works by means of permanent vertical rising anchors.
TRAZABILIDAD RFID Project: Traceability control of the segments that make up a ring to be assembled in tunnels, from manufacture to assembly.
PABLITO Project: Perforación y voladura predictiva adaptativa.
PROUTIL Project: New devices and prototype tools for perforation and blasting in subterranean works.
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