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Projects being executed:
PREFEX Project: This project arose out of the need of having an optimal characterization of the soil. Its objective is the development of computational models based on computational intelligence techniques..
FALLAS Project: The objective of the developed project is the design of an isolated and watertight tunnel section passing under the water table and when cutting across an active fault..
POZO AURELIO Project: This R&D+i project is an example of the efforts in analysis, design and development for stabilizing a unique mining extraction.
VOLADAPT Project: New blasting process based on predictive and adaptive techniques.
INSPETUNEL Project: New auscultation systems in subterranean works.
GEOMAN Project: New device for geolocalization and maintenance of interior tunnel and mining machinery.
ECOVENT Project: New, energy-efficient ventilation system for tunnels under construction utilizing conventional methods.
TUÑEL Project: Research for competitive improvements in perforation and blasting cycles in mines and subterranean works for the development of new techniques in engineering, explosives, prototypes and advanced tools.
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