OSSA formulates itsR & D strategy through its lines of interest for the development of its research projects:

The thematic limits between projects are not always clearly defined because, while many projects are within a clear line, they overlap or address some of the other subjects or themes.

In OSSA, the Corporate Services Department (Quality, Environment, R&D+i and CSR), is in charge of managing the innovation projects being carried out in the Company. In addition, the projects involve technical staff of several Company departments (Technical Management, Machinery, Information Technology, etc.).

OSSA participates in international Conferences specializing in the execution of underground works as the main presenter on innovative ideas and the research projects it carries out on an international level. It bears mentioning that OSSA is currently at the forefront of tunnel research in Latin America.

TUNNEL & MINING Conference in Peru, July 2016. Raquel Cienfuegos and Adolfo Sicilia.

OSSA has developed several R&D+i projects in the past few years, both individually and collaboratively, participating in proposals and projects with other companies, technology and research centers and universities.

The unique characteristics together with the innovative character and high quality of these projects is evidenced in the support received in the form of credits and/or grants from several public organizations related to R&D+i such as the CDTI, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Some of the national and international programs in which OSSA has presented projects are listed below:

In addition, following the guidelines of its business strategy, OSSA also promotes internal innovation within the Company for resolving specific problems by means of innovative solutions which are the groundwork for R&D or Technological Innovation projects.

Brainstorming meeting.
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